Performance and economy upgrades

At ARC Performance Ltd we specialise in performance and economy upgrades for cars and commercial vehicles. Without any mechanical modifications we can optimize your vehicles economy and/or its performance using the best Custom remap and Generic remap files from Collins Powerchips, Jabba Sport and Regal Autosport. We can also offer a Custom GI Remap for most Japanese Cars:

  • Subaru – open source, esl, apexi
  • Nissan/Toyota – nistune, apexi, emanage

Performance Tuning

By using Custom ECU Remapping we can increase the performance of your vehicle. It is specifically created for your vehicle taking into account modifications(if any) that have been made to get the maximum safe output of your engine.

Economy Remaps/ Diesel Tuning

An Economy Remap from ARC Performance will improve your vehicles performance and improve its MPG, reducing your fuel bills on average by 15%. The level of improvement can vary between normally aspirated, turbo petrol and turbo diesel. In all cases the difference you will find is:

  • Improved mpg
  • Improved throttle response
  • Better overtaking
  • Fewer and smoother gear changes
  • More enjoyable driving experience

Commercial Remapping

At ARC Performance we know how important it is for companies to lower their outgoings and we can help you do so by reducing your fuel bills on average by 15%. By listening to your operating needs and the work cycle of your vehicle we provide a unique and optimum tuning package that will improve your driving experience, improve performance and reduce your fuel costs. What we will not do is modify your engine by any amount that you could not reasonably expect from it. All our staff have been fully trained and use the latest technology and equipment. All work can be carried out at your chosen location provided internet access is available.