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AET Motorsport supply, design, upgrade, service and repair turbochargers for all applications and are Authorised Dealers for Garrett, Borg Warner (KKK, Schwitzer), MHI and IHI - every brand new turbocharger we supply is exactly the same as those fitted by the original vehicle manufacturer, but often at a much lower price.

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Green Cotton Air Filters

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Europe’s leading manufacturer of cotton air filters for the Motorsport industry. Deep pleats in the cotton gauze ensure there is a 10-20% increase in surface area to draw more air into the engine. The cotton gauze is made up of a medium and fine layer to trap and hold dirt, dust and moisture particles as small as 0.50 microns. The gauze is held in place by a strong, fine alloy mesh that allows the filter to perform its job perfectly.


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SuperPro bushes are tried, tested and proven in Motorsport, which means they deliver outstanding performance. Their innovative design and superior materials offer dramatic improvements in handling and give a more precise feel through the corners. Unlike some polyurethane bushes, with SuperPro products there is no increase in vibration or ride harshness, an attribute that makes them an ideal choice for cars that are used for both normal road driving and track days.


  • – Improved handling and stability
  • – Long life, low maintenance
  • – Precision engineered for an exact fit
  • – Increased tyre and suspension life
  • – No increase in vibration and road noise
  • – 3 Year / 36,000-Mile Guarantee!!!

BC Racing

BC suspension logo

BC Racing is the own brand range of coilover kits from a large manufacturer of suspension products. The mainstay of the manufacturer is producing units for a wide range of companies including a number of premium brands within the coilover market. The release of the BC Racing own brand gives end users the benefit of the knowledge, manufacturing processes and economies of scale of a large suspension manufacturer but at the prices which are more associated with the lower quality units cluttering the market at the moment

Cobra Sport Performance Exhausts

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Cobra Sport Performance Exhausts offer an ever growing range of aftermarket Performance Exhausts, Sports Exhaust Systems and Stainless Steel Exhausts made to the highest quality standards giving proven power gains along with unique styling and sounds, and all backed up with a Lifetime Guarantee.

All of our Performance Exhausts and Sports Exhaust Systems are constructed from grade 304 stainless steel and TIG welded throughout, with all pipework being mandrel bent for smoother gas flow. In addition, unrestricted silencers and enlarged pipework allow for a faster engine response and an increase in torque and BHP.

Forge Motorsport

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Forge Motorsport are dedicated in applying their wealth of knowledge and technical expertise, gained through years of research and development, to create products that deliver the highest level of quality. They produce a wide range of products and we would suggest you check out their online catalogue to see what is available or alternatively pop into the garage to discuss a bespoke Forge Motorsport package for your vehicle.

Millers Oils

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Engine Oils - Advanced formulations recommended by engine builders for highly stressed applications in racing, rallying, track day and fast road use. Transmission Oils - Unique range of performance transmission oils available in 3 viscosities to suit every application. Fuel Treatments - Enhance performance in every area of motoring. Millers Oils fuel treatments provide flame front control to protect against detonation damage.


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KSport UK is the world’s largest KSport brake distributor and have proven they are able to hold their own in comparisons to the biggest and most established brands on the market, not only in terms of outright performance but also in their incredible reliability and durability. The special twin piston seal design has been shown to be more than a match for the worst that a British winter can thrown at them and they shrug off salt and dirt without problem. Sticking pistons and failed leaking seals just don’t arise with these kits.

KSport offer big brake kits for a huge range of vehicle applications. We can supply kits to meet just about any need from 286mm that will squeeze under 15" wheels right up to monster floating rotor 400mm kits with the superb KSport Super 8 four pad callipers that will nicely fill a set of 22s.


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Whiteline Swaybars & Alignment products are designed to work together to deliver the best possible handling result for your car. That's why our customers say we have "the best suspension kits in the world". They produce a wide range of products and we would suggest you check out their online catalogue to see what is available or alternatively pop into the garage to discuss a Whiteline handling package for your vehicle.


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Turbosmart offer a catalogue of performance parts including fuel pressure regulators, silicone hoses including accessories and boost controllers that have been made to the highest quality. Their testing philosophy is simple; the product must satisfy all performance and reliability requirements under competitive racing conditions before it is it deemed fit for the general enthusiast usage. Turbosmart go to this much effort for every product; so that all their customers, dealers and distributors have the same confidence in their products as they do. But don’t take our word for it, next time you’re at a race track, look under the hoods of the top performing cars, chances are you’ll find that familiar Turbosmart logo on many of the components.

As Turbosmart produce a wide range of products, we would suggest you check out their online catalogue to see what is available or alternatively pop into the garage to discuss Turbosmart products that will enhance your vehicles performance.

At ARC Performance we believe in good quality parts & equipment. ARC Performance have become official dealers/stockists for some of the industry’s leading product suppliers and allowing us to offer these products at competitive prices.